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DDTV2 creates results-driven original content for your DTC or B2B brand with compelling broadcast or digital video. We provide full-service production capabilities from coast-to-coast and our track record of success is unmatched in the industry.

Our creative team brings your message to life through concept development, scriptwriting, motion content, editorial and direct-response consultation. DDTV2 is your source for viewer engagement through the production of high-quality short and long form broadcast plus digital video to get your brand noticed.

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Strategy for Results

Identify & Define the Target

The first step is to identify and define your target audience by as many objective criteria as possible, gender, demographics, socio-graphics, etc. The next step is the specifically identifying the most likely target for your product in this group.

Immerse & Research the Target

Look deeply at your target audience. Determine why they would like your product. Discover what they will think is the biggest benefit to your product. Decide what the product can promise to deliver to your target that is unique and desirable.

Interrupt & Surprise Target

No successful direct-response commercial has ever waited to be noticed. Cut through the clutter and break into your target’s attention with a compelling visual or provocative statement and/or claim. Then back it up and ask for their order.

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