Capturing the Essence

"We rate our experience with Bob and Cindy as a A+. Their creative insights and execution produced a DRTV spot so successful that our respondents didn't even realize there was an offer - they just wanted us to help them ‘the way we helped the lady in the commercial. They truly captured the essence of what we wanted and successfully touched a nerve with our target audience."

Seth Segel, President & CEO Woodbury Health Products Wilmington Medical Supply.

Strong Production

"When you need something to work, you call Bob and Cindy. As a direct response media agency, we've vetted a handful of really strong production partners, and it seems we keep coming back to DDTV2 more and more, for several reasons. They know how to drive response...from the proper problem/solution determination, proper cadence, the right the emotional buttons to push, offer structure, you name it, you'll be in very safe hands with them. Plus, they get back to you immediately. The only other agency that does that is us."

T. Lee Cutler, Founder and Managing Member of Kre8 Media LLC.

Flawless Execution

"If you want new ideas, call DDTV2. If you want flawless execution, call DDTV2. If you want results, call DDTV2. They are the total package. Just call. Trust me, you'll be glad you did."

Rory Mach, Executive Creative Director at Beachbody

Fun Experience

"I've thoroughly enjoyed working with DDTV2 over the years. They are organized, budget conscious, and always bring new creative concepts to the table. Presenting products to viewers on TV in a way that represents use in every day life and conveying how a product can truly benefit the consumer in a very relatable way is an art, and they nail it each and every time. They are comfortable working with talent from A-list celebrities to testimonials from Middle America and always manage to make the most of every production dollar spent. I have and will continue to recommended DDTV2 to other direct to consumer companies. Production is always a fun experience with DDTV2."

Shannon Dominello
Chief Marketing Officer, Lifeshield

Challenging the Norm

"DDTV2 are masters of direct response television. Well-grounded in direct-response best practices, they are multi-talented thinkers with great marketing savvy. DDTV2 challenges the norm and in doing so, inevitably ends up beating the Control. They are among the very best in the industry and I seek out their wisdom and experience whenever I can. They haven't let me down yet."

Barry Kessel, Former President Wunderman
Worldwide Leading Direct Response Consultant